Easy ingredients for a beginner portfolio.

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In this article, we will go through the process and challenges in setting up a Gatsby portfolio with ContentfulCMS and Medium as our blog feed source.

But firstly, a short introduction to Gatsby itself. Gatsby is an open-source static website generator (SSG) that is based on the frontend development framework React. SSG meaning all the pages are rendered beforehand and stored in the server that only need being served upon requests, making the website extremely fast and React based allowing the flexibility and modularity that comes with React. …

Entropy, much more than randomness.

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Entropy is often times interpreted as the disorderness of a system. While this approach is intuitive and meaningful in the realm of physics and chemistry, it offers little to no help in the field computer science and communication. In this article we will try to look at entropy from a new a perspective of surprise and as a measure of quantification of this surprise introduced by Claude Shannon in his famous 1948 paper “Mathematical Theory of Communication” now known as The Information Theory. We will try to derive an intuitive understanding of this entropy. …

Part II, Dostoevsky’s “Notes From Underground” summary

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Gentlemen, wouldn’t life be easy if there was an inherent meaning to it. If some divine force did in fact exist that drove man’s every action and took hold of every situation to make sure that the only choice he makes is in fact the one he ought to make. And there was no possibility for things to have turned out otherwise. In other words, if man’s life were pre-determined. And all of this for his own good. …

The wisdom from underground.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky is famous for his psychological profundity and his works that reveal the deepest secrets of mankind. Through his notorious life-like and often times relatable characters in his fiction, he is able to explore the nihilism that lurked in the troubled social and political atmosphere of the nineteenth century Russia .

If you haven’t guessed it already, we will be talking about his famous novel entitled “Notes from underground”. The author starts this short novel of his with his notes that reads..

“The author of the diary and the diary itself are, of course, imaginary…

You are not alone.

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The world is changing rapidly than ever before. No one might have expected such pace of advancements in technology and its impact in our lives. One could only imagine what expectations people had for the future a few hundred years back.

Changes not just only in science but changes in our behavior, thoughts, needs and expectations. And often times, one might feel left out unable to keep up with the rest. …

Bryan Mathers

There is no silver Bullet??

Bear with me…

In his original paper “No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering”, Fred Brooks argues that there is no innovation (a silver bullet) in software development that would achieve an order of magnitude increase in productivity, in reliability, in simplicity¹. He believes no such silver bullet is in existence till date and will never will; the very nature of software makes it very unlikely.

The innocent and straightforward looking project at the initiation in no time is capable to turn into a monster (i.e., …

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I have always been fascinated with the paintings of Van Gogh and his life. I recently had watched the movie Loving Vincent(2017) that provided further insights into his personal life, his journey into art and his struggles.

Here is a short poem I wrote a while ago as a tribute to his life and his sufferings. I hope you will excuse errors of any sort made by this non native English speaker:)

Dans ce voyage d’apprentissage du français, je suis tombé sur ce livre que j’aime beaucoup et qui m’a touché de bien des façons que je compte partager. J’aimerais commencer par une citation de cette célèbre œuvre de Saint-Exupéry.

“ On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. ”

La narration de cette histoire se fait de telle sorte que l’écrivain nous encourage, ne serait-ce que pour un bref instant, à oublier la notion de temps et d’espace, et à le rejoindre dans un voyage spectaculaire à son imagination d’enfance et à explorer son monde d’amour…

Ujjwal Gyawali

CS grad, loves traveling and learning languages, interested in art, portraits and music, loves cats and quite an introvert.

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